Video Argument Presentation

click here for grading rubric

For this project, you will be applying what you have learned about the art of argumentation and presenting it in a video format. The rubric for the video argument presentation is located in the class syllabus and on this page of Canvas.

I believe in constraints (rubric criteria) and creative freedom (choices). Sounds like a contradiction, but research in the field of creativity has determined that constraints foster deeper creative processes, and choosing how to tackle issues within the constraints is key. With that said and a rubric to follow, I would like to you to have choice in the type of video presentation you submit.

Below is a list of ideas and links to draw from in the event you would like to do something a little different than a standard video, or if you do not like being filmed (some of us are very shy).  Keep in mind that you may want to incorporate some of these ideas into your video argument as an additional component to strengthen your argument.



Music Video


Public Service Announcement



The following links are sample videos that middle and high school students have made. These examples may spark some inspiration as well:

Suggested Project Outline:

(in no particular order)

  1. Decide on a topic
  2. Review the grading rubric
  3. Research your topic
  4. Formulate your working hypothesis or tentative thesis
  5. Determine what evidence to use and how will you present it
  6. What rhetorical devices will you use?
  7. Include tropes and schemes
  8. Determine type of argument structure you will demonstrate
    1. Rogerian (Ch.7)
    2. Toulmin (Ch.7)
    3. Argument of Fact (Ch. 8)
    4. Argument of Definition (Ch. 9)
    5. Evaluation (Ch. 10)
    6. Causal Argument (Ch. 11)
    7. Proposal (Ch.12)
  9. Determine the platform for your video argument presentation (see a variety of suggestions below).
  • Complete the planning sheet (due Week 7)
  • Make your video argument using technology and platform of your choice.
  • Upload the video file, or you can upload to Youtube and send the link of your completed presentation to:
    1. Me
    2. The students that will be evaluating your presentation as their final

(If you have a Vimeo account, you can use that as well)

CRITICAL: Decide your video platform and how you will share it by Week 3. Experiment with what you’d like to use for the presentation to avoid hiccups. It will make the process less frustrating and enable me to problem-shoot with you should you have any issues.

For your final, you will evaluate the video arguments of two of your classmates using the feedback form aligned with the grading rubric. I have assigned the students that you will be evaluating during week 2, so if you have forgotten who you have been assigned, please check under the resources tab for week 2.

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